Goal: Stimulating full-time work as writer/editor in the DC Metro area.


* Award-winning editor, 20 years of experience in diverse areas including academic and technical

* Indexer, proofreader, bibliographer

* Languages: French, Spanish, some German, Latin, ancient Greek

* Foreign-language consultant for fifteenth edition of Chicago Manual of Style

* Completed a series, Kierkegaard's Writings, at Princeton University Press, called the best translation/commentary in this category

* Edited Sundarakanda (translation of Sanskrit epic poem Ramayana of Valmiki), which was featured on the cover page of the Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review

* Edited translation of  Odes and Satires of Horace, which sold more than forty thousand copies

* Technical production editor of yearly journal Transportation Research Record, published by Transportation Research Board, National Academies

* Full-time and freelance journalist and writer (news, commentary, interviews, book and film reviews)

Past Employers:

* National Academies, Washington, DC

* Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford

* Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.

* Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

* University of Chicago Press

* Princeton University Press

* Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

* Individual academic authors

Subjects Edited:

Art, sociology, business and economics, classics, history, journalism, standardized tests, mathematics, and popular fiction; school, college-level, and professional texts, including two Spanish textbooks; indexed one college philosophy survey text and three anthropology monographs; proofread one college German textbook.

Higher Education:

Wellesley College, Harvard University, MIT, University of Pittsburgh, UCLA, Boston University (BA from Wellesley, MA from UCLA).